Do you need a Chief Financial Officer?

Are you a business owner that purchased QuickBooks when you started, then taught yourself, or took a one-day class, and are not sure you entering transactions correctly? Or are you a business owner, that is using QuickBooks and spending countless hours each week sorting out stack of receipts, creating invoices, paying bills, entering hundreds of credit card transactions from multiple company cards, calculating and processing payroll, and a numerous other accounting tasks that seem to never end?

J Conklin Consulting’s Mobile CFO program can help your business/nonprofit and give you your time back. As your part-time Chief Financial Officer, Jason takes the time to complete your accounting tasks and provides you with key insights into your business/nonprofit. With your free time you will be able to focus on your organization again and make strategic plans to help it grow. So if you are looking for someone to do the bookkeeping and so much more for your organization, J. Conklin Consulting can become your mobile CFO.

J Conklin Mobile CFO

With our Mobile CFO program you receive:

  • Time to focus on your business and customers
  • Better understanding of your finances
  • Financial control over your money
  • Improved decision making capabilities
  • Budget preparation and monitoring
  • Help clarifying your business plans
  • Readily available professional financial support
  • Improved quality financial information
  • Trend and profitability analysis
  • Cash management
  • Accounting procedure development
  • Strong financial control to increase profits
  • Long-range planning and goal quantification
  • Oversight and protection from a professional
  • Less financial surprises and emergencies

Interested in the Mobile CFO Program?