Business Insight System

Benefits of the System

J. Conklin Consulting has developed a unique seven step process which can help you make better financial decisions based on key financial indicators and key performance indicators within your organization. It is a totally new paradigm for utilizing important financial and non-financial data when making critical business decisions.

  • Easily allows tracking, reporting, and analyzing of key performance and key financial measures
  • Detect and resolve minor management issues before they become major problems
  • Implement greater internal control against fraud and other crimes within your business
  • Keep accurate and timely financial information
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on bookkeeping
  • Produce professional looking reports within seconds

The Seven Steps

Step 1: Management Objectives
J. Conklin Consulting will review your management objectives, including increasing revenue, improving employee efficiency, decreasing labor costs and reducing the time spent on analysis of data. We will also assist you in revising or establishing your objectives, if needed, to overcome any barriers to success.

Step 2: Resources (People, Property, Equipment, Capital, etc)
J. Conklin Consulting will identify and evaluate the resources available within your company. We will identify and classify your employees by their skill sets and other characteristics such as full or part time, or years of experience. We will itemize your organization’s property and equipment. We will review the technology systems in use and the current utilization of software (Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, or industry specific software). We will identify your current and projected capital investment and develop a realistic budget for setting up your accounting system.

Step 3: Managerial SWOT Analysis
A SWOT analysis generates information that helps you understand the environment in which your business operates. We will assist you in this analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that may affect your business and help you develop strategies and priorities for addressing these issues.

Step 4: Customized Accounting Software
After completion of the first 3 steps, J. Conklin Consulting will recommend a QuickBooks (or other software, if necessary) configuration best suited to your business. As specialists in Intuit QuickBooks, we can provide set-up, training, tune-up, 24-hour remote or onsite support and troubleshooting, and third-party software integration to provide a seamless accounting solution.

Step 5: Operating Budget
We will assist you in developing or fine tuning your operating budget. An accurate budget will allow your management team to detect minor issues before they become major problems. Early detection and quick response are critical to making financial and management decisions efficiently and effectively that help your business grow.

Step 6: Customized Management Reports
We will assist you in developing or fine tuning customized management reports to identify and analyze key financial indicators and key performance indicators. The development and review of these reports will quickly and accurately diagnose strengths and weaknesses within your company.

Step 7: Specialized Stakeholder Reports
We can also assist you in developing specialized stakeholder reports. These reports can be generated for any time period to identify the effect of your business on any specific stakeholder or group. Typically, this report is generated on a quarterly or annual basis. The report includes financial information, but may also include items such as letter from the President; new products or services; upcoming promotions; company honors and awards. These reports are used to measure the outcomes of the business, which are defined as: The specific positive benefits individual stakeholders or groups receive from our businesses management decisions.


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