How do I contact J. Conklin Consulting?

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What types of businesses have you consulted with?

We have consulted with the following types of businesses: Construction/ Contractors, Agriculture/Farming, Automotive Sales/Repair, Computer/Software, Construction/ Contractors, Consulting, Design/ Architecture/ Engineering, Financial Services, Government Agency, Hospitality, Insurance/Brokerage, Lawn Care/ Landscaping, Legal, Manufacturing, Medical/Dental/ Health Services, Non Profit, Property Management, Real Estate/Developer, Restaurant/Bar, Retail, Salon/Beauty, Telecommunications, Transportation and Wholesale Distribution.

What will you do during training?

We will assist you in setting up your system, including your business, vendor, employee, bank, and client information. We will show you how to enter data correctly, how to enter bills and payments, create invoices, reconcile bank statements and generate reports. We will initially familiarize you with the setup and get your system up and running quickly. With follow up visits we will assist you with any problems that you may have encountered.

Why should I choose J. Conklin Consulting?

Jason Conklin has a wide range of experience in accounting and business management, having served as a project manager, estimator and vice president of a construction company, as an accountant at a public accounting firm and a health care facility. He holds degrees in Architectural Construction Engineering, Accounting and Business Management. J. Conklin Consulting has been providing services to clients in the region for over 14 years, committed to minimizing interruptions and costs to our clients, and dedicated to their complete satisfaction.

For more information please visit the About section of our website.


What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a complete mid-range accounting system for business owners. It offers hundreds of add-on features, including a sophisticated set of management tools.

Please visit the QuickBooks Service section of the website for more information on how J. Conklin Consulting can help your business.

What can QuickBooks do that will help my business?

QuickBooks can assist you in keeping track of finances, making smart business decisions, improving your cash flow. It can give you the reports you need for taxes, profit/loss, inventory, sales, receivables, payables, and employees.

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How do I know if I am using QuickBooks correctly?

If you taught yourself how to use QuickBooks and you want to make sure you are using it correctly we can help. J. Conklin Consulting can meet with you to provide a complete review of your QuickBooks and provide you with a detailed analysis of our findings.

Should I take a QuickBooks Class?

Generally, these classes cover only the very basic functions of QuickBooks and are not industry specific. J. Conklin Consulting can work with you at your office or home and provide specific answers to questions as they relate to your individual needs.

Business Insight System

What is the Business Insight System?

It is a seven step process developed by J. Conklin Consulting to analyze, monitor, streamline and enhance your business functions using key financial indicators and key performance indicators.

Visit the Business Insight System service page to learn more.

What are the benefits of the Business Insight System?

By identifying key performance indicators and key financial indicators, quantifiable metrics (benchmarks) can be tracked to better understand your organizational functions, leading to better financial and management decisions, smoother operation and a more profitable business.

How can I learn more about the Business Insight System?

To learn more about the Business Insight System contact J. Conklin Consulting or view the Business Insight System section of our website.

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