Chief Financial Officer

Jason Conklin

CFO Consultant
Since 2001, I have been helping small to medium sized business in Northwest Ohio become financially successful. I have a passion for improving how businesses make their financial decisions. From Quickbooks Consultation to Chief Financial Officer Services, I have the necessary knowledge and experience to help your organization grow.

Onsite & Remote

Working onsite and remotely means I can minimize your costs and maximize efficiency.

Cost Effective vs Hiring

Hiring a full time finance person or CFO is often expensive and unnecessary.

Personal Relationships

I strive to build long term relationships with my clients by being the sole person they work with.

Level of Expertise

I’ve worked with companies of various shapes and sizes for almost two decades.

``I love the way you do business. You are a normal everyday guy that treats your clients like you would like to be treated. You are very open minded to teaching clients how you do things, but also good at letting them bounce ideas off you. You have kept me on track for keeping our business on track.``

– Chad Gargas, RCR Partnership

Questions About

CFO Consultation
How much will CFO services cost?

The cost of CFO services can vary greatly depending on the unique needs of each client. To get an estimate for your organization, contact Jason to schedule a meeting to review what specific services you need/want.

Does Jason come to my office or work remotely?

BOTH. Jason will help your organization assess how a combination of onsite and remote access can be used to minimize cost and maximize efficiency.

Will I still maintain control over things such as writing checks, signing checks, and access to my bank(s) account?

YES. The amount of information and/or access you want to grant to Jason is entirely controlled by you. Client confidentiality is very important to Jason. Your business, is YOUR business!

Do the CFO services include filing our yearend tax return?

NO. Jason’s role as your CFO is to be a strategic partner of your accountant. The eyes and ears of your accountant dealing with your financial information on a regular basis. Jason will help you detect minor issues, before they become major problems and work with your management team (including your accountant) to quickly solve them.

If I contract CFO services with J Conklin Consulting, will Jason be the only person at his frim I will work with?

YES. Jason started his company because he saw how other companies were missing the personal relationship component with their clients.



The consequences of poor financial management can be detrimental to any business. If you struggle with finances or finding time to manage them, I can help. We’ll talk about your business to find a strategy that’s right for you.